Eat, drink, move & sleep well with us

 This is where we like to share with you all of our passion, wisdom, and knowledge, that we have experienced through the years, along with all of the incredible journey’s that we are about to create. On this page you’ll find inspirational articles, delicious homemade food & drinks recipes, life hacks, videos to challenge and educate you, and to help you to be the best, healthiest & happiest, YOU, can be.


Recipes galore

We spend most of our time in the kitchen here at the lodge, and our aim is to always cook from fresh, to use whole foods, to jam pack each meal with bundles of flavour and to ensure that you never go hungry. Click on any of the food & drink images below, to reveal some of our tried & tested favourites. Bon Appétit!


Bearfoot blog

Here we hope to inspire you, coach you, and to share with you our thoughts on everything, Bearfoot. Each post captures just a small piece of our own imagination, things that we have learnt through experiences & incredible people. Click the below image to discover just a little taste of the Bearfoot Breaks philosophy.


From daily fitness challenges, live cooking/recipe run throughs, mobility drills, meditation & a whole lot more, we have got you covered. Holistic health is how we roll, and we would love you to roll with us too.