What makes us qualified for the job?

Q: So you’ve applied for a job running and managing a retreat?

A: Yes. That’s right. We’re very excited about it.

Q: Great, tell me about where you have done this before?

A: Erm ..., well sir, well we haven’t ...

It’s not how your normal successful job interview pans out, and trust me, I’ve held a few in my time (c.300 plus). So apart from sheer determination and passion (of which we have bucket loads), what DOES make us qualified to look after you and give you a wonderfully unique experience?

So as the eldest, let’s start with me (Kirsty). I’ve loved sports and the outdoors from an early age, competing for my school and county in athletics, playing netball and spending as many waking hours as I could dancing ... ballet, contemporary, tap. Alongside this I loved all things food and science - my offerings from Home Economics rarely made it as far as the school bus. I wanted to do Hospitality at Uni, but I chose Accounting. My logic was (and there was some) do something that will let you travel the world, earn some money and eventually go back to what you love ... looking after people! And, weirdly, that’s kind of where I am now.

In the intervening years (all 20 of them), I have worked as a waitress in a cocktail bar, in a pizza restaurant, in a bistro ... I have pulled many a pint, managed two luxury French ski chalets - catering for 25 people at a time and run a successful holiday home in Devon. What’s the common denominator ... getting a kick out of giving people a great experience, making them feel on top of the world.

And well, the final string to my bow - I love houses, interiors and design. The creative gene had to come out somewhere, coming from a family of fashion designer dad, seamstress and artist mum and architect brother. So what’s my talent ... well it’s basically scavenging for old stuff on eBay and throwing it together to create something more beautiful. I love colour and boldness and fun! All of which will be plentiful at Bearfoot Breaks!

So onto Jake ...

Yes, I am the younger of the two (by three whole months), however, visually, Kirsty’s appearance could indicate that she’s either: been swimming in the ‘eternal fountain of youth’, or my second theory (amongst others), is that she’s a vampire.

Good genes, luckily have run within our family to help keep the years on hold, along with annoyingly good, eye-hand coordination skills. As an adolescent (gosh, how grown up) I pretty much tried any sport I was allowed to, and to most people’s annoyance, particular my brother and my father, I was pretty darn good at them. For as long as I can remember, I have either been playing sport, going to the gym, climbing, moving.

Of a Sunday, we would all gather at our local park, kicking a ball, throwing something, catching, diving, and coating ourselves with a dense layer of mud, come rain or shine. Oh yes, we were all-weather participants, much to the dismay of mum and her washing machine. Just as long as we could be outside, we were happy.

Like Kirsty, I have pulled pints, swept floors, prepared for private functions, removed bones from fish, collected building waste, worked on a dry-ski slope, and even danced on a West End stage, dressed as a cowboy performing ‘YMCA’. You name it, I have possibly given it a bash.

In 2011 after much deliberation, I decided to become a fitness professional. It was a big leap from what I was doing at the time, but never has there been a day where I have looked back. My years as a Personal Trainer have evolved to where we are today. Nutrition, exercise, movement, lifestyle, health & happiness. This is what we are all about, and we want to share that journey with you.

And whilst neither of us will admit this, we’ve learnt a lot from each other! We work well as a team ... we are yin and yang, chaos and calm and we can’t wait to share this with all of you!

NB: yin′ and yang′ ... (in Chinese philosophy and religion) two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin), and one positive, bright, and masculine (yang), whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things.