What’s with the bears and feet?

Did we get the spelling wrong? Surely we meant Barefoot Breaks, no?

Well no, it is very deliberate, although somewhat organic in its development. We wanted to find a name that encapsulated what we were after as a concept. Jake is very much focusing on feet at the minute as part of his movement training, just go check out the book ‘What the Foot’! We expect(and will encourage) that many of the activities we offer will be done barefoot as well ... gait analysis, movement classes, yoga, pilates, dance, paddleboarding ... just walking around the garden feeling the fresh grass under your toes. So feet had to feature somewhere!

Barefoot ... well, it’s a little done to death! You only have to do a google search to be thrown into beach scenes of walking along white sand, wearing floaty linen! We want to offer something that is a little bit rustic, a bit raw (no intentional play on words), a bit powerful ... allowing you discover your inner strength and wild side! What better creature than a ‘bear’ to conjure images of roaring, strength, achievement! And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bear!

I personally love the small, cuddly variety too ... so don’t be surprised if you encounter some of those on your stay - they really are wonderful sleep companions.

So there you have it ... Bearfoot Breaks! And the breaks ... well there are all sorts, come stay for one night, a weekend, for a fishing trip, for a cycling trip or for one of the wonderful retreats that will be offered in 2018!!