9 months and still no baby

It’s true, we’re following our dream.  If you watch our Instagram feed, well it looks like a pretty amazing dream as well.  And you know what, it is.  However, social media has had a truly profound effect on perceptions of reality.  When people ask me how it’s going, my standard response is … slowly.  We finalized contracts for the house while in Ibiza last year, it was towards the end of September.  We didn’t pick the keys up for another month, so really the first time we set foot in the property as ours was mid-October 2016.  So that’s 9 months.

9 months, the same time as it takes to conceive and give birth to a child.  If you were to ask about our new born child, we would have to say … it’s a bit of an ugly baby.  (I’ve actually heard real life friends say this about their own children).  We are not where we thought we would be.  We are not ready for guests just yet.  We have a tonne of work still to do, just for the house to be guest ready.

The reality is if you are ever dependent on other people to deliver work on time, they probably won’t.  I manage projects every day in my other job.  This is not news to me.  Especially when it’s builders.  A delay of three months means that we won’t be opening this summer.  We are not stressing about this, because in all honesty, I want the place to be magical before any guest comes through the door.  This means that we have a winter packed with interior decorating.  All the interior design work is done, all the materials are purchased and trust me, it will look great … if I could share the images in my head, I would.

So looks like we may be closer to delivering a baby elephant by the time we are completely ready … they have a 21 month gestation period, if you count from when we signed the contracts.  That was the day of Brexit, so 23rd June 2016.  But heck, who doesn’t love an elephant?