Almond milk:


2 large handfuls of almonds (soaked in water overnight)

1-2 pitted meedjool dates (organic)

large pinch of cinnamon

900ml of filtered/distilled water

half a vanilla pod (optional)

This recipe requires a nutmilk bag and resealable liquid dispenser for nut milk storage.

Creating (no cooking, it’s raw!):

Place nut milk bag over large plastic bowl.

Put all ingredients into the blender, and blend until of a fine consistency, pour contents into nut milk bag. Squeeze milk through until bag and contents are dry (you will be left with dry pulp in the bag). Empty liquid from bowl and into sealable container, and place into the fridge for least an hour

The milk is now ready to use on whatever you choose!

Use the leftover pulp to make a tasty treat: click here for the AMAZEBALLS!