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Available dates 2019…..

We have four available dates for next year, starting in the spring, then finishing with a long weekend, in the Fall, to enjoy the spectacular Autumn colours.

We want to ensure that you get the most from your experience here with us, and limit each retreat to a maximum of 8 people

Every retreat we provide you with freshly cooked, whole foods that are mostly GF (gluten free), DF (dairy free), with no refined sugars, all sweeteners that we use come from natural sources. You can expect 3 main meals per day, fresh juices & smoothies, as well as tasty, healthier treats to snack on throughout the day. You certainly won’t go hungry.

May 23rd - May 28th - Spring Break Retreat

Our late spring retreat has space for 8 people wanting to make the most of a long weekend. Your arrival on the Thursday will be spent settling in at Bearfoot Lodge, getting used to your surroundings, followed by a scrumptious meal, ready to tackle a full day of activities starting Friday morning.

A typical day at Bearfoot Breaks:

  • 07:00 - 08:00 - morning meditation

  • 08:30 - 09:30 - breakfast

  • 10:30 - 11:30 - 5k walk or run

  • 13:00 - 14:00 - lunch

  • 15:00 - 17:00 - beach games at local lake, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming

  • 18:00 - 18:30 - group HIIT/circuit training)

  • 19:00 - 20:00 - dinner (followed by something, sweet, tasty, nice & healthy-ish)

  • 20:30 - 21:30 - grounded meditation

  • Sleep ready for tomorrow

Each day will have a slightly different schedule, we will hopefully be able to offer a yoga class or two over this weekend as well. If you insist on having yoga as part of your stay with us, then you might want to look into one of the two retreats that will be running in partnership with our good friends at Santé yoga.

June 29th - July 6th - Bearfoot & Santé Yoga - Retreat 1

We have teamed up with our fabulous friends over at Santé Yoga, where will be providing a week long retreat for a maximum of 8 people, that you will never forget. This will be an opportunity for you to really discover your true, inner self, and to leave Bearfoot Breaks with a deeper knowledge & wisdom to share with your outer world.

Here’s a taster of a typical day:

  • 06:00 - 06:45 - blessings of the energy centres meditation (for those that are really keen)

  • 07:00 - 08:00 - Hatha flow

  • 08:30 - 09:30 - breakfast

  • 10:30 - 11:30 - mindfulness walk in the woods

  • 13:00: - 14:00 - lunch

  • 15:00 - 15:45 - full body mobility

  • 16:00 - 16:30 - circuit class

  • 17:00 - 18:00 - Yin yoga

  • 19:00 - 20:00 - dinner Bearfoot Breaks style (there will be something healthy & sweet)

  • 20:30 - 21:30 - sound bath workshop

  • Sleep ready for another day

We will also be offering private sound bath sessions, massage, personal posture assessments, and much more. If you have any questions about any of the other treatments we offer, please ask when you make contact, or speak to us in person once you are here.

September 7th - September 14th - Bearfoot & Santé Yoga - Retreat 2

This will be our 2nd retreat with Santé Yoga, and you can expect everything that we provide from the summer retreat, to be just as good, if not even better, during your week with us. You will arrive on the Saturday, where we will welcome you to the Lodge, make sure you are happy in your surroundings, feed you in the typical Bearfoot Breaks fashion, followed by a local walk to help digest your food, ready for a good nights sleep to embrace your first, full day of activities.

We are in remote part of the region, and we highly recommend that you hire a car. We do have transport, but space is limited. This will also give you the chance to explore the area when you have some time to yourself.

November 7th - November 11th - We All Fall Down Retreat

In our personal opinion, this is the most beautiful time of the year, with the glorious Autumn colours on full display, your visionary senses will be fulfilled to the max. We are usually pretty lucky with the weather right up into November, so don’t be too surprised if you are exercising out in nature without your jumper and wooly hat.

This weekend is more about exploration with our surrounding area, but thats’ not to say you won’t have plenty to do:

  • walking, hiking, running

  • yoga

  • HIIT or circuit training

  • full body mobility

  • daily postural assessment and movement practice

  • daily challenge (we will make it is hard as necessary)

  • meditation

Make sure you bring a good camera with you on this weekend break, as you will be taking lots of pictures of the beautiful scenery, and we will make your stay one to remember.

Don’t worry, if the thought of exercising with other people isn’t for you, then between these dates we also offer you the chance the get really personal, and spend any where from a 3-5 full days, on your own, one-to-one, personalised bootcamp, where all of the attention will be about you, with Jake, making sure you get the most from your stay.

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