“ We want to ensure you leave us with a very different experience”

Our Retreats 2019

Situated in the mid-west region of France, Bearfoot Breaks is in the heart of the Limousin in what’s considered to be the French ‘Lake District’, giving home to acres of surrounding lakes & forest. Being the second least populated region in France, you will find yourself encapsulated by nature, and all of it’s beauty. We have found a space where you can come to relax, unwind, letting your mind be free, and ready to explore the full capabilities of your body through movement.

Whether you are looking to join us on your very own retreat, or you would prefer to share the experience with others, we have a selection of retreats to suit your needs. You will get to stay in one of our designer, boutique style bedrooms that incorporates a touch of modern chic that’s tied in stylishly with the rest of the house. Whatever your pleasure we guarantee to make our house your home for the week.

Something For Your Mind, Body & Soul

This isn’t your typical fitness retreat. Our intention is to give you something completely new. Even if it’s something you have tried before, our aim is to present it to you in a way that will challenge you and your thinking. A typical day on one of our retreats could include a variety of yoga practices with our wonderful yoga teacher, Danielle, each with its own style, philosophy & journey into the chakras (our energy centres). Daily movement practices to discover where your body is, how it moves and ways to get the most from it. Walking through nature in the beautiful surroundings within the region, along with daily challenges to push you through your comfort zone. We journey through meditations & understanding the importance of timing our meditations. Finally, the food that will nourish your soul is at the heart of everything that we do. You certainly won’t go hungry, and we ensure that it will leave you feeling happy.

We Are Here For You

Jake & Kirsty are ‘Bearfoot Breaks’. Jake, we could say is the ‘brawn’ of the team. However, having studied extensively for almost 10 years, he brings the science, the knowledge, but more importantly, the experience to guide you through a completely holistic approach when it comes to your health & fitness. He will make you move in ways you might not have done for many years, challenging you to ‘play’ but also working those muscles. He’s a bit like a quiet assassin, unassuming, but rest assured your muscles will know that they’ve met Jake when you wake up in the morning!

Kirsty, is definitely the ‘brains’ in the department, and simply put, without her these retreats wouldn’t be available to you. She works tirelessly to ensure that the house is designed to perfection and loves sourcing unique design ideas and artifacts from everywhere she travels so that you can enjoy an incredible space. Kirsty is also the mastermind behind the menu, sourcing amazing ingredients, many from our own kitchen garden and making them into your delicious meals. Our passion for healthy, natural food is key to our philosophy.

Warning:These retreats could seriously change your life!

Expect the unexpected, come with an open mind, an open heart, embrace being comfortable in the uncomfortable. If you’re willing to just let yourself, be, then we are here waiting for you.

Each retreat has something a little different to offer you. We are pleased to announce two extraordinary retreats with Danielle & Santé Yoga, along with weekend breaks all about pushing your fitness levels to the limits. Plus there are a handful of exclusive 1-2-1 retreats where you get to spend a week with Jake, and to maximise every minute of your day.

Maybe there is something else that we can offer you? If you can’t find what you are looking for here on this page, then please make contact with us to see how we might be able to accommodate.